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May 02, 2022

Simple Tips To Protect Your Home From Burglary In Palm Springs

Disaster from a professional or novice thief may happen at any time. The best method to protect your home in Palm Springs is to be ready for anything. You can booby trap your property Home Alone style, or you would be wise to invest in an alternative like a state-of-the-art security system. Besides, the more precautions you have, the more likely you will be at discouraging a thief.

Design A Palm Springs Security System For Your Property

Stop providing intruders the chance to make you a potential target. A professionally installed and monitored security system offers the right components and backup to protect your Palm Springs home from burglary. Although, not all home security provide the right amount of protection. Families are well advised to find a home defense package that can be configured to suit their exact needs.

Smartly Positioned Security Cameras Record Video When A Thief Is Lurking About

A thief enters your residence through common entryways - front and back doors, first-floor windows, and garage doors. Video devices installed in these specific areas work as a visual cue to a prospective intruder that someone is watching. Many prowlers don’t even want to try and break into a house with surveillance in place, as the video footage can be saved within your cloud storage. In addition, to help dissuade break-ins, program one or more of your smart lights to activate if your video device discerns questionable activity.

Smart Locks Are A Smart Choice to Defend Your Residence

To protect your home from burglary in Palm Springs, a sturdy primary entrance with a powerful deadbolt is mandatory. An exterior-facing door with smart locks provides a greater degree of defense. With a push of a button, you have the ability to operate the locks on your entryways even when you are not home. If you didn’t remember to secure your front door, just go into your handy security app and take care of it. You can even set your smart locks to self-activate right after you close the door.

Automation Is Much More Than A Clever Way To Turn On Lights

There’s an array of functions you have the ability to do with home automation equipment that provides protection from burglary in Palm Springs. For instance, you can create a “not at home” scene that makes sure your garage door is closed, entry locks are activated, the thermostat is low, and the alarm is armed. You can reverse those actions and let your residence to enliven as you return from work: automatically turning on your lights, adjusting your home comfort, shutting off the alarm system, and more.

Take Advantage Of Your Inside And Outside Lighting

Intruders always prefer to be obscured in the dark, so move that prowler out of the shadows. Turn on your front porch light and incorporate motion-activated lighting around the outside of your property. An unexpected bright light will illuminate the offender, while also alerting neighbors to suspicious movement. Your smart lights can be linked to your surveillance system or scheduled to activate at a particular time so it appears like you’re in the house.

Protect Your Home From Burglary In Palm Springs With A Customized Alarm System

The top security system for your Palm Springs home can be found by simply calling today. From smart locks to complete home automation, have a security professional create a personalized plan perfect for your property. Fill out the form below or dial (760) 230-3527 to talk about the possibilities we have for your home.